The Weight Watcher's Guide to Point System Weight Loss - A Review

With so many diets available, Weight Watchers is able to develop a system that supports their members and it goes by the name of Point System weight loss. Most people find the Point System weight loss very effective in giving them support and encouragement during their difficult journey to lose weight, which contributed to more attention and support from the patrons of Weight Watchers.

From Weight Watchers

Jean Nidetch founded Weight Watchers in the 60's. The company started out as a discussion group on the best methods for losing weight. Further developments led the company to offer different varieties of services and products for dieting to assist in weight loss and weight maintenance up to the present day.

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Point system

It is also Weight Watchers who came up with the Point System weight loss formula to aid their participants in their battle against weight gain and obesity. The entire program is based on this system that was created by the company based on different factors including the fat content of food, the amount of food that is being served, the nutritional content of the food, its amount of carbohydrates, and more.

What participants do

Their supporters believe that this system is what gave way to the success of Weight Watchers. The participants of the Point System weight loss get a particular number of points everyday while they are creating their own diet that is based on the company's calculator. They also have a diary where they are keeping a record of points coming from the foods that they are eating.

The numbers

The Point System weight loss works by assigning particular points on different types of foods. For example, a chocolate shake has 8.5 points while the Big Mac from McDonald's has 14 points. The members are able to determine the number of points from each food from their calculator that is provided to them by Weight Watchers.

The formula

The new members of Weight Watchers are given the formula to assist them in calculating the points of the foods that they are going to eat. To be able to determine the number of points on the food, you need to get the following data: the number of calories, the amount of fat (in grams), and the amount of dietary fiber (in grams). The result of the equation is always an integer, and the fractional values are always rounded off to the closest point.

The use of nutritional labels

You can acquire the necessary data to be able to compute the formula coming from the nutritional labels of the foods that you are eating. However, if a nutritional label is not available (i.e. you are dining at a fast food or at a restaurant), there is a handy paperback book that can be bought where you can see a list of different foods available in those restaurants, even the generic ones.

An effective tool for weight loss

The Weight Watchers Point System weight loss has proven itself to be a very effective tool for members throughout the years. However, for those living busy lives who do not have time to calculate everything that they are eating, Weight Watchers provides them with other eating programs called "The Flex Plan" and "The Core Plan". The first one still utilizes the Point System weight loss while the latter is not requiring you to calculate for points.

Eat anything you want

Those who are showing continuing support to the Weight Watcher Point System weight loss are rewarded with results based on the claims of the program. Furthermore, there are no food restrictions, which means that you can eat anything you want, including fast food. However, your personal choices for food and your commitment to weight loss contribute to the success of the entire program.

Make the right choices

The Point System is not free, but the participants of the program believe that the end results are worth the cost of the entire program. The program provides different kinds of support systems for their members to ensure that they are making the right choices that can aid them in successful weight loss. Meetings provide more encouragement, support, and camaraderie, as well as ideas for recipes.

Gradual yet healthy weight loss

Just like any other weight loss program claiming to be effective for long-term weight loss, the Weight Watchers Point System cannot provide you with any results overnight. Commitment and discipline is needed in your part, since it is also designed to last for as long as you live to maintain your weight. All you need to do is to follow the point system depending on your weight, size, the amount of your regular physical activity, and your age.

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