Secrets Of Healthy Long Term Weight Loss

I assume that if you are reading the article, most likely you are just curious or (you are overweight - politically correct said) you are fat. Ayah, it's not pleasant to hear that but who we're laying too? You can lay everyone but not yourself...

The recognition that you are fat and the inconvenience that this small but meaningful word causes to you, prove that you are sensitive to your condition, and most likely you would be happy to change it... and change it for good.

But the inconvenience and sensitivity to the word isn't enough to change you condition. There is a harder part of the matter, and it's called practice. Changing of condition, change of your weight and size too, unfortunately could be done only by hard work, the work which has high demands and requires perception and consistence of your part. Here comes in to the picture the willing, your willing and firmness to change ugly reality to look better and slimmer than you are now. Self discipline and your determination are the keys to achieve your weight loss goals. And that is the tricky part since many of dieters fail on that very same reason: resistance to temptation of having more butter cookies, or having another slice of delicious cake or ice-cream ball, will determine if you're going to be the biggest winner or loser.

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Losing weight is not easy and I'm sure you know this as well as I do.

It's even hard. It's a fight, it's every day battle that you must (you just owe it to yourself) to win.

But fortunately, weight loss isn't that hard as it sounds to be. All the beginnings are hard, steady workout and demanding diet regimen, with calorie control and choosing right food for well balanced, rich in necessary minerals and vitamins diet, is the "hell" that you as fat man/woman, and as many others that already succeeded, have to go through. And the process has a few simple but necessary steps that you should follow if you already decided and are willing to lose excessive pounds:

1. Discuss your diet plan, diet goals and aimed healthy weight with your professional health provider.

2. Build realistic, achievable plan with reasonable target weight. The ideal one which will help you looks and feels your best.

3. Plan how you are going to handle any setbacks on your weight loss goal.

4. Prepare the support system - weight loss doesn't have to be a solitary effort. Support of family, friends, weight loss groups or even online forums can be great helpful mean to ease on you in your everyday struggle.

5. Prepare yourself for the day after - Even the weight loss is an effort, in the long term it's the easier part of the process of stay fit and preventing from shed pounds to come back. Plan permanent changes that you should implement in eating and exercise habits to control your weight and avoid weight gain.

When you'll go through the whole process and achieve your weight loss goal you will see how your overall health condition will improve too. Obesity, excessive weight, always is accompanied with related cardio and other diseases as high cholesterol, diabetes 2, elevated blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease or stroke. You can prevent them all by weight loss and simple lifestyle changes.

Now you have all the tools that you need to start a better and healthier life.

Life is short, don't make it shorter.


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